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Shoot Handler

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All india
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Work Hours
4-5 hrs/day
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Earn upto 5000 / week
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21+ Age, Graduate, 2-Wheeler Vehicle, Android Phone

Job Qualifications and Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who is : 

  • Willing to travel
  • Ready to work hard

Client Description

Awign is India's largest gig platform that works with the leading companies across all industries. We help them execute their tasks including field surveys with the help of a distributed gig workforce.

Job Description and Responsibilities

  • Data Capture:

    • Report on time for the shoot at the merchant location.

    • Make sure to capture the last four digits of each item from the photographer's camera.

    • Ensure the photographer gets the items ready from the counter for the shoot.

  • Validation:

    • Verify and capture correct validations for the items where validations are requested.

  • Identification and Documentation of Additional Items:

    • Identify new SKUs being sold by the merchant and get the shoot done for these items.

  • Communication:

    • Effectively communicate any discrepancies or challenges in capturing details or carrying out shoot to relevant POC.

  • Adherence to Policies:

    • Follow established policies and procedures for data capture, validation, and photo quality.

    • Ensure compliance with organizational guidelines and standards.

Salary and Other Benefits

  • Weekly earnings upto INR 5000.
  • Training and Certificates.
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