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System Operator for Awign

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Multiple Cities
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Work Hours
7-8 hrs/day
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Earn upto 20000 / month
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25+ years age and Non-Engineering Graduates Required

Job Qualifications and Eligibility Criteria

  • 25+ years age.
  • Non-Engineering Graduates or Post-graduates.
  • Should have basic Computer and Excel knowledge.

Client Description

Awign is India's largest gig platform that works with the leading companies across all industries. We help them execute their tasks including exam invigilation (offline) with the help of a distributed gig workforce.

Job Description and Responsibilities

Landscaping Activity

  • Perform timely landscaping activity on all applicable systems.

CCTV Cameras

  • Check if all CCTV cameras are working fine.

Mock Test

  • Perform a mock prior to exam days to check the system compatibility and project-specific objectives at the drive level.
  • Fill & share Mock Test Use Case (MTUC) checklist.

Network Infrastructure

  • Perform a quick check on network infrastructure on exam days.

Primary Server

  • Set up the primary server and connect to the network.
  • Configure the drive on the primary server.
  • Complete staff verification.
  • Download Drive 3 hours prior to exam start time.
  • Enter the Drive password at the specified time.

Backup Server

  • Set up the Backup server and connect to the internet.
  • Configure the Backup server at the specified time.
  • Download QP data 2 hours prior to the exam start time.

Exam Management

  • Complete all drive-level formalities in time bound.
  • Monitor and manage the exam network.
  • Monitoring the AEC Server screen.
  • Never leave the Server room/Server unattended.
  • At the end of the exam, verify if the number of candidates present is equal to the number of candidates who submitted the assessment module.
  • Monitor exceptions (if any) and report them.
  • Once all the candidates submit their assessment in the system, end the Slot.

Data Upload and Feedback

  • Upload results, response data, and other documents after ending all the slots of that Test Centre.
  • Submit the System Operator feedback and end the drive.
  • System Operators should remain in the server room throughout the shift unless permitted to be present elsewhere for other duties.

Salary and Other Benefits

  • Earn Up to ₹ 20000 per month.
  • Industry trusted experience certificate on successful completion of the work.
  • Work with India's leading companies.
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