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Campus Ambassador Program

About the Company

Founded by a team of IIT alumni with multi- industry experience in management consulting, computer science and data science, Awign is a PAN India outsourcing solution, handling business development and research of growing businesses through a unique concept of Crowdsourcing in Outsourcing which leverages the huge student community of UG/PG programs in India. Every project is streamlined and segmented into various processes which are then converted into live, short term, virtual internships and offered to students across India.

We are bringing a revolution in the field of old-school outsourcing and driving business development of growing businesses in Indian markets.

For Students

We at AWIGN are always offering exciting part-time/full time internships - with an opportunity for the students to work on real-life problems faced by corporate and also earn handsome stipends for their effort. Our team has experienced professionals from IITs and IIMs and we ensure that the interns are trained extensively and help them execute things. What a student gets to learn in a period of 2 weeks, he/she will not be able to learn in a 2-month internship in some other company. And yes of course the certificate signed by our CEO is also there.


  1. Forward the mail briefing about the internship to all the UG/PG students of your college through a common email of your college /department/ branch or class representatives’/ Student placement coordinator / club group’s email/ training and placement officer.
  2. Post the content on WhatsApp and Facebook group or page through the same channels as listed above.
  3. We recommend you to keep repeating the steps 1 & 2 once in every 3 days.  
  4. Print the poster (in colour) attached below on A3 sheets and paste it in and around your campus.
  5. Content for duties 1 & 2 will be sent to you in a separate mail. 
  6. You will be given a maximum of 10 days for completing all your duties and your stipend will be calculated on 11th day from the date of commencement of your duties.


Stipend & Perks

Minimum No. of Applications



Certificate of Internship


INR 300 + Certificate of Internship


INR 500 + Certificate of Internship


INR 800 + Certificate of Excellence


INR 1200 + Certificate of Excellence + Letter of Recommendation

Note: Reimbursement for the cost incurred in printing the poster will be credited separately on submission of the receipt for the same and pictures of the posters pasted.


You will be disqualified, if

  1. Any application is found to be fake or invalid.
  2. You are unable to reach a minimum of 15 applications in first 3 days of commencement of your duties.
  3. It is found that you have applied on someone else's behalf.
  4. You force or ask students to apply who are not interested.

*If disqualified, you will not be eligible for Certificate nor the Stipend.

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