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Talview Proctoring

Bengaluru Urban
Work Hours
7-8 hrs/day
Salary ₹21000 - ₹21000 per month
laptop, Webcam, Power back.

Job Qualifications and Eligibility Criteria

  • Proctor job age requirement - Minimum 21 years of age as per government records
  • Graduates and postgraduates
  • Have an android phone and good internet connectivity
  • Fluent in English and any regional language

Client Description

Awign works with enterprises to take up intricate work across the service lines of auditing, diligence, assessments, proctoring, last-mile delivery, new business development, and digital gigs, which have to be done in distributed locations PAN India at a large scale.

Job Description and Responsibilities

  • Monitor and guide the log in process for the candidate.
  • Check and compare authenticity of candidate -candidate will be asked to click a picture of self and also of the id card. Proctor to validate the picture with that of the card.
  • Note down each such violation in the form provided along with relevant details in the format.
  • Provide a final end of assessment report in a predetermined format.
  • Monitoring: The primary responsibility of a proctor is to monitor the activities of test-takers to ensure that they follow the rules and guidelines of the exam. This involves keeping an eye on the test-takers and making sure they do not cheat or engage in any other prohibited activities.
  • Administration: Proctors are responsible for administering the exam, which involves distributing test materials, answering questions from test-takers, and collecting completed exams.
  • Security: Proctors must ensure that the test environment is secure and that test-takers are not able to access unauthorized materials or devices during the exam.
  • Reporting: Proctors may be required to report any incidents or irregularities that occur during the exam, such as suspected cheating or technical issues.
  • Communication: Proctors must communicate effectively with test-takers and provide clear instructions and guidance throughout the exam.

Salary and Other Benefits

  • Proctor Job Salary: INR 21000 per month
  • Industry-trusted experience certificate on successful completion of the work.
  • Job-specific training before starting.
  • A pre-placement offer to work with Awign on an exceptional performance.
  • Sharpen your sales pitch, strategy, video editing, interpersonal, people skills, etc after successfully completing the job.
  • Experience in working with many prestigious organizations as well as start-ups with subsequent work. Multi-industry exposure like gig-economy, consumer, FMCG, retail, fintech, edtech, and hospitality, to name a few.
  • The flexibility of working from your city.
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