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Market Acquisition and Vendor Engagement for Industrybuying

By Industry Buying




3500 in 2 weeks


2 weeks


2-3 hours/day


What you get

  • Earn Rs 3500 in 2 Weeks. If you are able to showcase your skills in the job assigned, you can continue earning even more on weekly basis.
  • You will get a certificate of internship signed by CEO of the company after completion of the project assigned to you for 2 weeks.
  • Top 3 performers will get an opportunity of Pre Placement Interview with the company.
  • The project needs to be executed virtually, enabling you to easily manage the internship along with your studies. You don't need to visit any office and all communication would be done over phone or skype.
  • You will be trained, guided and mentored by a team comprising of professionals from IITs and IIMs throughout the project.
  • Get direct industry exposure of how core business operations are executed.

Project Description

In this project, you will be trained and will be responsible for a very important role of vendor sourcing and validation for a growing start-up Industrybuying, the ecommerce for business. They are a one-of-its-kind online platform, featuring an exclusive range of utility products for all industrial purposes, procured via third party vendors. Industrybuying's vision is to bring a revolutionary change in the industrial supply operations on national and global scale. Currently their website maintains a fully catalogued collection of over 1.5 Lac SKUs, from brands across global geographies, making them the largest collection of the latest tools and machinery in India! 

Your job is to find authorized vendors corresponding to a given product or category corresponding to a given brand in India through online portals and initiate the first level of talks with them to determine their validity and willingness to register with Industrybuying.

Steps to be followed

  • Thoroughly understand the business model of Industrybuying and study the various products which are part of the category assigned to you(by browsing through their website )
  • Find the list of relevant vendors by searching through appropriate keywords on various online marketplaces such as Indiamart and Indiacom. In order to ensure that only relevant vendors appear in the search list, appropriate filters must be applied.
  • You need to call the vendors one by one, explain Industrybuying's model to them, resolve their queries and validate them as a potential vendor for Industrybuying. You would be given the detailed criteria which you need to follow for validating the vendors.
  • You would also be trained on the way you need to talk to vendors and given a set of steps that you need to follow throughout your engagement with the vendors.
  • You would be required to maintain a database while engaging with the vendors. This database would contain details of the vendors, which you will have to collect while conversing with them. The framework for the same would be provided.
  • You will be compensated with your stipend once the vendors are validated by us. You need to ensure that all details that you enter are verified and correct.

Key Skill Set

Engaging with correct vendors and getting the desired details is an art which would implore you to bring in the following skills and show them in the real world.

  • People Engagement Skills
  • Good Verbal Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Business Awareness
  • Project Management Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking

Project Completion Guidelines

  • The stipend of Rs 3500 corresponds to successful execution of the project for a given target.
  • Good performers will be given the opportunity to take on the responsibility of more categories and products and would be paid a better amount for each valid lead.

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